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A Beginner’s Guide to Raspberry and Banana Smoothie

A Beginner's Guide to Raspberry and Banana Smoothie

A Beginner’s Guide to Raspberry and Banana Smoothie: This raspberry banana smoothie is sweet, fresh, and sour. You can use fresh or frozen raspberries to make it, and it makes a great snack or breakfast.

A Beginner’s Guide to Raspberry and Banana Smoothie

About this Raspberry Banana Smoothie

I love making smoothies all year long because they are quick and easy to make for breakfast. I love drinking them in the morning because they give me a serving of fruits, healthy fats, and fibre all in one glass. All of those things are true of this raspberry banana smoothie: it’s light, creamy, and naturally sweet.

Frozen bananas, raspberries, yoghurt, your favourite milk, and a little honey are all you need to make this healthy raspberry banana smoothie. It tastes like a treat and is full of fruit. You can make this protein raspberry banana shake your own way because the base is very flexible and easy to work with.

You can make a raspberry banana smoothie without yoghurt if you want to. Don’t worry! Just switch it out for plant-based yoghurt or don’t eat it at all. Would you like to make this into a smoothie bowl instead? I’ve written out all the steps for you below.

Process & Tips

A good banana raspberry smoothie is easy to make because all you have to do is put everything in a blender and let it do its thing.

  • Then, in just a few minutes, you’ll be drinking a tasty, healthy smoothie!
  • This smoothie is more filling and satisfying than a smoothie that is only made of fruit because it has fibre, fat, and protein.
  • Bananas and raspberries are good sources of plant-based fibre.
  • Greek yoghurt without added sugar is a healthy fat.
  • Finally, the protein comes from the Greek yoghurt and protein powder, which you can add if you want to.

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Ingredients & Substitutions

Raspberries: You can use fresh or frozen raspberries in this recipe. If you use fresh raspberries, you might want to add some ice to make the mixture creamier.

Frozen banana: The banana sweetness makes this smoothie taste better. For this recipe, you can use either fresh or frozen banana. If you use a fresh banana, you should add some ice to make the texture better.

Greek yoghurt: For this recipe, I used whole, unsweetened Greek yoghurt. Plant-based yoghurt should be used instead of regular yoghurt for a dairy-free and vegan version.

Any milk you like: I used almond milk that wasn’t sweetened, but you can use any milk you like. You could use oat milk, cashew milk, or hemp milk instead. Add more milk to your smoothies if you like them thinner.

Honey: You don’t have to use honey in this recipe, but if you do, it will add a nice touch of sweetness that works well with sour raspberries. If you don’t want to use refined sugar, you could also use maple syrup, coconut nectar, or agave instead. You can leave it out if you want a low-sugar version; the banana and raspberries will still make it sweet.

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