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Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $40k: 6 More Worth Over $1,000

Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $40k: 6 More Worth Over $1,000

Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $40k: 6 More Worth Over $1,000: In the 1970s, the US celebrated 200 years of the country’s historical creation as an independent republic. The memory of the American Revolution culminated on July 4, 1976, on the 200th anniversary of the moment when the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence.

The US Mint honored that moment with the US Bicentennial coinage quarter dated 1776 – 1976, made in 40% silver and clad versions. You can find numerous errors among these coins, making them the most valuable bicentennial quarters. Experts estimate that the rarest are the Doubled Die quarters, while the most common are those with a grease error.

Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $40k: 6 More Worth Over $1,000

1. Denver Washington bicentennial quarters

Denver Washington bicentennial quarters

  • The Denver mint produced 860,118,839 bicentennial quarters made of copper and nickel clad in a 91.67%: 8.33% ratio.
  • Thanks to the D mint mark on the obverse, you can quickly recognize this coin type. The best examples you can find are in MS 68 condition.

2. MS 68 regular strike Washington quarter

MS 68 regular strike Washington quarter

  • There are a few 1776 – 1976 D Washington bicentennial quarters in MS 68 state valuable from $3,220 to $6,462,50.
  • The most expensive 1976 D clad MS 68 Washington bicentennial quarter was sold at Heritage Auctions in 2017.

3. Philadelphia Washington bicentennial quarters

Philadelphia Washington bicentennial quarters

  • The Philadelphia mint produced precisely 809,784,016 Washington bicentennial quarters with an engraved 1776 – 1976 date. All were made of 91.67% copper and added nickel.
  • Since expectations and demand were high for those coins, their quantity was more important than quality.
  • Therefore, many errors were struck in those times but almost immediately pulled from circulation. Such specimens are still new and typically worth more money.

4. MS 65 Washington bicentennial quarters

MS 65 Washington bicentennial quarters

A standard 1776 – 1976 regular strike Washington bicentennial quarter in MS 65 grade is average worth $6 to $10.

5. MS66 and MS67 Washington bicentennial quarters

MS66 and MS67 Washington bicentennial quarters

  • Most bicentennial quarters in these conditions were pulled out of circulation soon after introducing to the public.
  • Still, they are not rare, and you can buy one in MS 66 grade for $15 to $40. On the other hand, those in MS 67 rate are worth $35 to $127 on average.

6. MS67+ Washington bicentennial quarters

MS67+ Washington bicentennial quarters

  • Experts estimate that bicentennial quarters produced in the Philadelphia mint can be worth hundreds of dollars in grades over MS 67.
  • One collector paid $1,199.99 for the 1976 clad MS 70 Washington bicentennial quarter on eBay in 2022.

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    1. I have one I would like to find if it one them that worth that much call me at 5084418775 and ask for Juan molina or text me back on this phone don’t have but can receive text ok but call me in person at that I gave the 5084418775 ok

  1. I have several of these 1776/1976 uncirculated. I live in Napa Co. Calistoga CA and want to sell the coins. I will be looking at each coin. Do you have a list of what I need to look for in these coins. And then where to go to sell them . Thank You

      1. Yes, but what makes it rare? What errors to look for? He’s asked before and you gave same website to sell there. Should he also find the answer to his question on the site? I’m sure a lot of people would like to know the answer as well.

      2. Hi I have 3 of those coins if you can let me know what it is I need to look for on the coins to see if they are rare. You also can text me at 706-352-7173

  2. Click bait. Bi-Cen quarters are worth just that : 25cents. Article never mentions that you have to spend upwards of $40-$50 per COIN for authentication and grading. And getting a perfect ms68 or greater is like winning the Powerball. Coin hobby is all about knowledge…and this article like so many others coin articles are lack any intelligence. So, click bait.

    1. Hello Jose

      You are wrong, US have own website and it is own by América Numismatic Association – where they are talk about the value of Coins.
      You can check this website and let us know

  3. I always saved every bicentennial quarter since they came out,I always knew they’d be worth something,and that means I have alot of looking thru at bicentennial quarters. Plus getting them graded, sometimes more than what they are worth.

  4. Ever since they came out,every time I saw one I kept it.So now I have 48 years of collecting Bicentennial quarters I have to check. Alot look great,also a lot look bad. But sometimes it is more expensive to get them graded.then what they are worth after getting them done,plus insurance. I better have some 69’s or 70’s to cover expenses.

  5. I have at least 20 to 25 of course all from different mints I have some that the drummer boy has on mittens instead of hands I have some that look like the face has been beat up

  6. When I was a kid, my father and I collected these Bicentennial Quarters and now I have a collection of them. I have some that are quite rare that have many errors on them. I would definitely like to find out how can I sell some of my collection.

  7. I have a lot of them also!! And a lot of rare coins! I have been Collecting coins since I was little! And paper money! So I guess we will see what those coins you are looking for are worth??

      1. yes I have 7 or 8 of these with & without mint marks plus old half dollars & a good bit of very old coins I’d like to sell but I always get lost on Internet trying to figure everything out.

  8. I have a small collection one that is a Morgan dollar that has been graded but the grade wore off the wrapper that one is from 1921 and another that isn’t graded from 1880 and I have some bicentennials, silver certificates a 2 dollar bill from 1953 also some half dollars that are also bicentennials I would like to see if they are worth anything

  9. I have 1 quarter no mint mark and I have 3 half dollar and 1 Silver dollar im really not sure how much they are worth,if someone could give me an idea and I will probably sell them if anyone is interested

  10. Very intestine to know.
    I have a small collection that my grandfather has left me from silver dollars 1889 1925 1776 1972.
    And Half dollars 1964 1967 1968 1974
    Some one dollars coins 1789 color is like gold and two from 1979.
    A lot of quarters from 1776
    And only 5 cents the one it’s missing one leg it doesn’t show a year but it looks bad I gest that is the reason it lost a leg.
    The time you sell this what type of tax is put on it?
    Thanks for the information.

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