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The Ultimate Guide to Making Celery and Cucumber Juice

The Ultimate Guide to Making Celery and Cucumber Juice

The Ultimate Guide to Making Celery and Cucumber Juice: Celery, cucumber, lemon, and honey are blended to make celery cucumber juice, which is full of vitamins and minerals that fight disease and boost metabolism. Our celery cucumber juice recipe makes a healthy morning drink.

Celery juice has been trending on social media for its health benefits. We tried it to see what the fuss was about, and it was a good decision. Celery juice is too strong to drink because of its strong flavours and aroma. Additions make it refreshing and mildly fragrant.

Click the “” button above to skip to the how-to. Spend time learning about our celery cucumber juice recipe’s benefits.

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Celery and Cucumber Juice

Healthy Benefits

First, the juice is not detoxifying. Its effects are more tangible.

1. Drink Nutrients

  • First, celery and cucumbers are juicy and low in calories. Their juices are less likely to raise blood sugar than fruit juices.
  • Celery is rich in phytonutrients, but cucumbers are lacking. They boost body performance and disease resistance.
  • For flavour and nutrients, we added ginger and green apple juice to the drink. Apples have lots of vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • The cleansing claim lacks scientific evidence. Celery is a healthy food, not a miracle.

2. The Celery Fad Diet

  • Interestingly, many who tried the “celery diet” saw results. The diet requires them to start the day with celery juice and eat healthy all day.
  • Dietician Katey Davidson credits healthy eating, not juice, for the results. Diet followers limit their daily calorie intake and avoid overeating.
  • However, we believe the juice motivates dieters to eat healthy. It’s like how soldiers neatly fold their blankets in the morning—a simple daily routine.
  • The rest of the routine seems easier after the first step.

3. The Bottom Line

  • Celery cucumber juice doesn’t cleanse, but it helps you drink enough water and boosts the immune system. The juice contains many vitamins and minerals that nourish your body.
  • One glass in the morning can also inspire healthy eating throughout the day. Although its value is constant, it can help psychologically.
  • Check out this pineapple juicing recipe or our celery drink recipes for more ideas.

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Juicing Cucumber Types

Different shapes, sizes, and colours of cucumbers exist. The regular and English are popular at grocery stores. We know the regular kind as less sweet and bitter due to the skin. As they mature, their skin turns deep to light green, and we prefer green ones.

Indoor-grown English/seedless/hothouse cucumbers cost more. The tradeoff is a deep green skin, juicier, crunchier, less bitter, and fewer seeds. English cucumbers have better flavours for cucumber salads. When juicing, it doesn’t matter which kind you use because there are other flavours to mask.

To Make

This short celery cucumber juice recipe explains the steps. See the recipe card below for details.

  • Use your juicer to juice the ingredients. Collect juice.
  • Stir in lemon juice and sugar.
  • Use ice and mint leaves to garnish.
  • To make another healthy, easy recipe, substitute carrot juice for cucumber. Make a celery apple drink with apple juice.

1. Should I Peel Cucumber Before Juicing?

  • The taste of English cucumbers is similar whether peeled or not. Just the juice’s deep green colour from the skin.
  • With regular juice, leaving the skin on makes it greener and bitterer. We left the skin on because we liked the colour and the bitter taste was masked by other flavours.
  • For cucumber juice recipes and tips, see this list or the best green juice roundup.

2. What Celery Part Should I Use?

  • Celery stalks and leaves taste and smell like cucumber. The stalk is usually used, but adding the leaves makes the juice greener.
  • Our celery cucumber juice uses the stalk, not the leaves. We reserved the leaves for another dish.

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