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Top 10 most popular cocktails

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Top 10 most popular cocktails

Top 10 most popular cocktails :-Bartenders struggle to remember cocktail ingredients and the best glasses. To ensure your guests enjoy their drinks, each is made differently and served in a specific glassware. This guide provides interesting facts and how-to instructions for the 10 most popular cocktails.

Top 10 most popular cocktails

1. Traditional

  • James E. Pepper invented the Old Fashioned in 1880.
  • The drink became popular in New York City after he took his Louisville, KY bartending recipe there.
  • The Old Fashioned is now one of the most popular cocktails in the US, and Louisville has named it its official cocktail.
  • The city celebrates “Old Fashioned Fortnight” in the first two weeks of June with cocktail events and drink specials at several bars.

2. Moscow Mule

  • Russia’s Sophie Berezinski and father owned a copper factory.
  • She designed the company’s copper mugs but had trouble selling them.
  • She moved over 2,000 solid copper mugs to the U.S. to test the market.
  • She met John Martin and Jack Morgan at the Cock ‘n’ Bull in 1941. Martin owned Smirnoff Vodka, and Morgan wanted to sell ginger beer in America.
  • The three created the Moscow Mule, a copper-mugged vodka-ginger beer cocktail.

3. Negroni

  • In 1919, Florence’s Caffe Casoni invented the Negroni. Barman Fosco Scarselli was asked by Count Camillo Negroni to strengthen the Americano.
  • Scarselli was told by Negroni to replace soda water with gin in his Americano and use an orange garnish instead of lemon.
  • Negroni loved his drink, which became popular in Italy.
  • The Negroni family founded the Treviso Distillery to capitalise on the drink’s popularity.
  • The distillery still makes ready-to-drink drinks.

4. Mojito

  • Many theories exist about who invented the mojito.
  • Some say African slaves in Cuban sugarcane fields created it in the 19th century.
  • Others claim it was invented by Naval Officer Sir Francis Drake in Cuba.
  • We know that mojitos became popular in Havana, Cuba in the 1900s and are now one of the world’s most popular cocktails.

5. Whisky Sour

  • English Vice Admiral Edward Vernon invented the whisky sour in the 1700s.
  • He mixed scurvy and seasickness remedies for his crew.
  • He used limes and lemons to prevent scurvy and watered down the liquor to keep crewmembers sober.

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Top 10 most popular cocktails

Top 10 most popular cocktails

6. Daiquiri

  • During the Spanish-American War, American mining engineer Jennings Cox invented the daiquiri to protect his workers from yellow fever with lime and alcohol.
  • In a Cuban village called daiquiri, he invented the sweet drink that gave the cocktail its name.

7. Margarita

  • The origins of margaritas are unknown.
  • We do know that margaritas are popular in America and Mexico and come in many varieties.
  • To sweeten margaritas, many people replace the salt on the rim with sugar.
  • Others use peaches, mangos, or pineapples to make their drinks tropical.

8. Mai Tai

  • Victor Bergeron invented the Mai Tai in 1944 at his Oakland restaurant.
  • He invented a drink for his Tahitian friends in town.
  • Bergeron’s friend sipped his invention and said it was great.
  • Since “excellent” means “maitai” in Tahitian, the drink has that name.

9. Bloody Mary

  • Fernand Petiot created the Bloody Mary in 1921.
  • He invented the drink while working at a Paris bar.
  • He mixed tomato juice and vodka because he had them.
  • Petiot and the bar patrons liked the drink and named it ‘Bloody Marry’.

10 Manhattan

  • Who invented the Manhattan cocktail is unknown.
  • Many believe Dr. Iain Marshall invented the drink for a banquet honouring presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden.
  • At the end of the night, banquet guests started ordering the drink at other clubs and bars.
  • They requested the “Manhattan”—the banquet club—from servers.

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