10 Exercises To Help You Manage Type 2 Diabetes


Walking is popular and low-impact. Your blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol will improve with exercise. Brisk walking at 100 steps per minute for 30 minutes meets the ADA's daily aerobic activity recommendation. 


With training and your doctor's supervision, you can go from brisk walking to running. Faster activity lowers the risk of high blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol. 


Stationary bikes are popular for a reason. Cycle regularly to improve your heart, lung, balance, and posture. You don't need an expensive workout bike to start. Get an old bike and ride outside or try a stationary bike at the gym. Cycling improves diabetes health, according to study.


Dance may spice up your training. Dancing improves fitness, blood sugar, and heart health. One study indicated that T2D patients who danced were more motivated to keep to a regimen than those who followed other fitness programs. 


Plenty of reasons exist to train in the water. Easy-joint water activities like swimming may lower blood sugar. They may help improve T2D patients' fitness, strength, and heart health. 

Water aerobics

Short bursts of high-intensity exercises are followed by prolonged lower-intensity ones in HIIT. Exercises like jogging and cycling can include it. HIIT may lower Type 2 diabetes fasting blood sugar. 

Interval workout with high intensity

Strength training with weights or other equipment builds or maintains muscular mass and strength. It may improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in T2D patients. 

Lifting Weights

Yoga incorporates breathing, meditation, and low-impact movement. It boosts strength, flexibility, and balance. This is especially helpful for older T2D patients at risk of falling. Blood sugar and cholesterol management may also benefit from the practice. 


Tai chi incorporates meditation, breathing, and low-impact motions. Balance, range of motion, and well-being improve with the ancient practice. And adding it to your workout may drop your blood sugar.

Tai Chi

Pilates, another low-impact activity, deserves a spot on our list. It strengthens your core, balance, and posture with repetitive motions and breath control. A study found that Pilates helped T2D patients control blood glucose. 


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