10 Christmas Dining Room Decorating Ideas To Bring Joy To The Table 

Holiday garland and wreaths don't need to cover your dining room. Select a few elements and make them special. Magnolia wreath and centrepiece take centre stage.

Choose a Few Showstoppers 

Christmas flowers are as welcome as any other time. Red and green arrangements like these roses add festiveness.

Bring Out the Florals 

Not sure how to add holiday colours to a room that is mostly white? Use a coloured tablecloth instead. Red flowers and wreaths tie the room together.

Use a Tablecloth 

Consider matching your dining room decor to the neutral woods and furniture. Gold, cream, and white accents like tree ornaments, place settings, and flowers make neutral spaces festive without blanding them.

Embrace Neutrals 

Richmond-based designer Sara Hillery prefers sophisticated cool blues over reds and greens. Blues with live decor add seasonality without overpowering.

Consider Cool Blues 

When combined with Christmas motifs, bright oranges, pinks, and blues can make a space feel festive.

Add a Pop of Color 

A rainbow of flowers brightens the Christmas dining table more than single-color flowers. Flowers and scattered pomegranates suggest a Christmas bounty that is abundant.

Don't Be Afraid To Experiment 

Warm woods and white paint in the 2023 Southern Living Idea House's dining room make a white-and-neutral Christmas tree perfect for the space. Tree ornaments are made from recycled wood and cotton.

Embrace the Existing Palette 

If your dining room is busy, limit holiday decor to a few key pieces. Family silver, cheap grocery store flowers, and a hint of colour prepare this space for the holidays as well as a Christmas tree.

Keep it Simple 

Magnolia garland is an essential component of any authentic Southern Christmas décor. A florist foam wreath can be used to create your own.

Make Your Own Magnolia Wreath 

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