10 Cocktails Bartenders Actually Order  


It's my favourite drink because it's customisable and can fit any drinking occasion "Wiznitzer tells Eat This, Not That! "Maybe a Gibson with a 50/50 split or a lower ABV. I also like that you can use vodka, gin, or both for an epic Vesper Martini.


A simple combination of rum, lime, and sugar, but it's more about the execution," Brown says. "Fresh juice, the correct ratio of ingredients, and proper dilution are all fundamental aspects to enjoying this cocktail.

Fancy Free

This cocktail may appeal to Old Fashioned drinkers. Fancy Frees use maraschino liqueur like Luxardo instead of sugar, giving them a "richer and slightly boozier feel."


There is such a thing as the perfect drink," says Harold's Cabin partner and barman Drew Childers. "Most bartenders call this the Negroni—bitter, savoury, and sweet. The Negroni is the most satisfying alcoholic drink for seasoned drinkers.


Boulevardiers contain Campari and sweet vermouth like Negronis. Boulevardiers use bourbon or rye whisky instead of gin. San Diego Polite Provisions barman and owner Erick Castro loves this bittersweet drink.

Black Manhattan

Laura Reidy, a 25-year hospitality veteran and former manager of Los Angeles' APL Restaurant, says this 2005 Manhattan cocktail adds depth and complexity by replacing sweet vermouth with amaro. Black Manhattans contain whisky, amaro, Angostura, orange and cherry or peel.

Whiskey Highball

Reidy says Whisky Highballs are easy to make with whisky and soda water, but their quality depends on their ingredients and presentation. This is because "there are not a lot of ingredients to hide behind.

Last Word 

This pre-prohibition cocktail has gin, green Chartreuse, Luxardo-like maraschino, and lime juice. It debuted at the Detroit Athletic Club in 1915. Kingston, NY's PAKT Restaurant owner and barman Eryn Stutts' favourite cocktail is this sweet and tart one.

Paper Plane

The 2008 red-orange cocktail has been called a Last Word riff despite having different ingredients. Bourbon, Aperol, Amaro Nonino, and freshly squeezed lemon juice make this cocktail popular among bartenders.

Eastside Rickey

For a "fresh tasting." summer cocktail, Castillo recommends the Eastside Rickey. Gin, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, mint, cucumber, and soda water make up the drink.

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