10 common signs of too much sugar in your body  

Chances are you’ve experienced a sugar rush – that euphoric, energetic feeling you have after eating certain foods - and the dreaded crash that follows. 

While the initial bite of a favorite snack may bring joy, the potential health impacts aren't so thrilling. 

Katherine Masoud, APRN, primary care provider and certified diabetes care and education expert with Hartford HealthCare Medical Group, says, "Eating too much sugar raises your risk of getting prediabetes, diabetes, and many other long-term health problems."

So how do you know when your body has reached its capacity? Masoud shares seven warning signs to watch out for. 

Putting on weight. Masoud says that sweet drinks and foods often have a lot of calories but not much protein. "You gain weight when you eat more empty calories than you burn." You will be less likely to gain weight if you watch how much sugar you eat and limit it.

Acne breaks out. "Your blood sugar goes up when you eat sweets," says Masoud. "This makes the inflammation and the release of sebum, an oily substance in your skin." When that is combined with inflammation, it can cause acne.

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