10 Creative Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas 

Put these lights up to make it look like snow is falling. You can get white, green, blue, or rainbow. Amazon reviews say they're bright, snow-like, and easy to install.

Meteor Shower Light

These colourful fibre optic trees are perfect for colour lovers. Make your lawn a magical holiday forest with these 33-inch solar-powered trees that rotate between seven colours.

Solar Christmas Tree Light Decoration

These simple and elegant white light reindeer with gold scarves are perfect for your front lawn. Solo or in a holiday scene with inflatables and Christmas lights, they stand out.

3-Piece Light-Up Reindeer Family

Santa doesn't always use the chimney; he may need a ladder to reach a window. His sleigh may not land on the rooftop, so he'll need a way to access the chimney.

Light-up Ladder with Santa Claus

Christmas bulbs aren't just for decorating. These bright walkway lights are a festive alternative to pathway lighting, especially in winter.

Christmas Pathway Light

Can you have too many Christmas trees? Install these solar-powered Christmas trees with colourful ornaments along your walkway. Wish the indoor tree was this easy to decorate.

Solar Christmas Tree

Even without snow, create a winter wonderland. This Good Housekeeping's Best Outdoor Christmas Lights snowflake projection will make you feel like you're surrounded by fluffy flakes.

Snowflake LED Projector Light

This family of snowmen will get you in the holiday spirit whether you live in a snowy area or want to create a winter feel in a warm climate without a white Christmas. We think you can leave them up all winter instead of just after Christmas.

Lighted Snowman Family

Wrap anything in red and white to make peppermint candy. This 30-foot red and white striped roping with LED lights can turn your porch railing, fence, roof, or window frames into a candy cane day or night.

Candy Cane Rope Light

With LED netting, stringing lights is easy. The lit-up mesh, available in multi-color, white, and icicle blue, can cover bushes, trees, and gazebos.

Christmas Net Light

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