10 Energizing Exercises for Women to Kickstart Your Day  

This simple exercise tightens muscles and pumps the heart, boosting energy. It also calms the mind, relieves stress, and stretches the spine, shoulders, back, and hamstrings.

Seated Toe Touch 

Qigong Exercise 

Qigong is an ancient energy-boosting technique that uses breath and fluid to increase body energy. This is one of the easiest energy-boosting exercises anyone can do. It increases lower back, kidney, and adrenal gland circulation and nervous system strength.

Downward Facing Dog Pose 

This popular yoga pose reduces stress and boosts energy and mood. Increases head blood flow and back flexibility. Start on all fours with hands under shoulders. Hips rise when you exhale and press into your hands. Return to the start after 30 seconds of straight-spine pose.

Camel Ride Pose

Kundalini Yoga's camel ride pose is the best way to naturally boost energy. This exercise activates the dormant energy at the root of the spine, keeping you energised all day.

Sufi’s Circle

This Kundalini Yoga pose targets the middle spine again. Expands the lungs and calms the nervous system. It helps digestion and calms the mind. Definitely one of the most relaxing energy-boosting exercises.

Spinal Twist

The last Kundalini Yoga upper spine exercise detoxifies. It boosts spine energy and lymphatic flow.

Rolling Vinyasa

We all know that exercise boosts energy, but Yin Yang exercises are best for correcting imbalances and using body energy. Rolling Vinyasa strengthens shoulders, core, back, and triceps and boosts stamina by igniting your fire.

Floating Frog and Fighting Frog

This core and shoulder strengthening exercise is another energy-boosting one. This combined exercise boosts energy for progress. It boosts balance, agility, confidence, and assertiveness.

Fighting Buddha

There are three states of being: at peace, defending yourself, and attacking. This is one of the best Yang exercises for energy because it keeps you in the middle.

Tuck and Extend

This is the best energy-boosting exercise that requires no equipment or preparation and can be done at home or in the park. It releases energy from the abs, lower back, butt, and hamstrings.

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