10 Fruits You Should Include in Your Smoothie for Weight Loss  


Raspberries are a great weight loss food, with 8 grammes of fibre per serving and a delicious taste. Fibre keeps you full and regulates digestion, helping you lose weight, according to research.


Despite their lack of publicity as a "superfood," pears are one. One pear has 25% of your daily fibre in 6 grammes. This will usually keep you full and prevent overeating.


While raspberries have the most fibre, we recommend blueberries for weight loss. Blueberries have 4 grammes of fibre per cup but are best known for their antioxidants.


We think of oranges as immunity boosters, but they can also help us lose weight. We love oranges because they satisfy our sweet tooth and provide essential nutrients.


An apple a day may not prevent disease, but it can improve your health. A medium apple has 4 grammes of fibre, which helps your snack or muesli last. Even preliminary research suggests Granny Smith apples may aid weight loss. 


The best weight-loss fruits must include strawberries. This tasty berry has 3 grammes of fibre per cup to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you full for hours. They provide almost 100% of your daily vitamin C in one serving.


Despite their sugar content, our senior nutrition editor always buys bananas! In addition to 3 grammes of fibre, bananas contain resistant starch, which may improve gut health and fat loss.


That mango makes you fat is a myth. Due to its low calorie count and high vitamin C content, it does not make you fat. This recipe is fiber-rich. It improves digestion and lowers the risk of many chronic diseases.


Pumpkin is best for weight loss. It's high in vitamins and minerals but low in calories. Fiber-rich smoothies prevent constipation and control blood sugar. Chia seeds and frozen fruits make smoothies more delicious.


We have a delicious coffee-chia smoothie for coffee lovers. Great for a low-carb diet, this smoothie also controls blood sugar. It also has fibre, protein, omega-3, and fatty acids to burn fat and lose weight. This smoothie boosts metabolism.

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