10 Gifts Idea for Granddaughters and Grandsons for this Christmas

This is an expensive, elegant gift for your grandchildren. Buy a locket or bracelet with sentiment. Initials, birthdates, or special messages can be engraved. 

If you have time and crochet skills, why not make a scarf for a unique winter gift? The yarn colour should match your grandchild's personality or interests. 

Design and build a backyard playhouse or treehouse. Your grandchild will enjoy hours of play and imagination with this elaborate and expensive gift. 

Commission art that matches your grandchild's interests. This custom art piece will enhance their art appreciation. 

Discover luxury board games and puzzles. These meticulously crafted items can entertain the whole family during the holidays and beyond.

Why not work with a designer to make your grandchild's dream outfit? Custom-made outfits or themed costumes.

Plan a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a different city, state, or country! Or an adventure vacation? Although it requires planning, this gift allows for shared memories and quality time. 

Personalise your grandchild's library. Choose classic and contemporary books and write inscriptions or notes about why. 

Consider buying collector's items of their favourite toys or characters. Limited-edition toys are prized for their fun features and packaging.

Our Twinkl Gift Card is the most exciting and best Christmas gift for grandchildren! To share the joy of learning, this Twinkl Gift Voucher is ideal.

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