10 Homemade Food Gifts That Are Way More Meaningful Than Store-Bought


A hot bowl of soup is the perfect winter warmer. Give heat-and-eat soup, a soul-satisfying homemade food gift. Gift-worthy red pepper soup is gluten-free, fat-free, low in calories, and full of flavor. Provide a spoon for easier consumption.

Roasted Red Pepper  Soup in a Jar 

Shelf the boxed crackers. Cheddar wafers can be made in under an hour and up to a week ahead. These crackers are the most popular food gifts, from kids' snacks to cheese boards.

Cheddar Wafers 

Salt toasted on a skillet tastes smokey. These flavorful seasonings should be made in bulk. It can season steaks and burgers for meat eaters and popcorn, almonds, or roasted chickpeas for vegans.

Toasted Seasoning Salt 

Love old-fashioned cocktails? Try these bourbon cherries. Add cocktail glasses to this prepared food gift. Spiced cherries with whiskey, vanilla, and pepper are essential for home mixologists.

Spiced Bourbon  Cherries 

Everyone will love these charming snowmen in jars. This simple trifle utilizes store-bought brownies and whipped cream. Add the lid and layer. Cut the toe end of a baby sock and wrap it with string to adorn the jars. Add tiny pom-poms to twine ends. Put a sock hat on the jar, then add ribbon and pom-poms.

Individual Brownie Trifles 

A scrumptious pancake kit is a unique Christmas gift. Pack milk, pure maple syrup, fresh fruit, and homemade pancake mix (see link above for buttermilk blend). Make twine and cardstock tags; use unused guest checks as recipe instructions.

Pancake Kit 

Candied cherries and orange peel flavor our coconut macaroons, which are decorated. The disk lid goes on top of the filled jar, then a scrapbooking paper circle and rim lid. Then, twist a white pipe cleaner on each end of a red one to finish the 'wrap.'

Christmas Macaroon  Mix

Store this homemade Christmas gift in the freezer for a year. The excellent technique to preserve spring strawberries through winter. Bend fresh rosemary sprigs into a wreath and string it to the jar for festive packing. Put it in a gift box with your favorite cookies.

Strawberry Freezer  Jam 

Put your favorite toppings on this food gift. Like garlic, pitted olives, and fresh rosemary. Bind a tiny wood breadboard and bread with waxed paper and twine. A rosemary sprig on the board handle adds elegance.


Our pecan pie bars are easy to give on a cookie packet plastic tray. Line the tray bottom with 3.25 x 2-inch small paper loaf liners. Insert bar cookies and label the pie-inspired flavor with a sticker.

Pecan Pie Bars 

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