10 Honest Reasons Men Have Turned Down Women   

Many men avoid that melodramatic maze if a woman is happily engaged or in a complicated love triangle. Avoid “love triangles gone wrong”. The trouble rarely pays off.

Her Being Married or in a Relationship

Say a human-sized thundercloud walks and talks. Nobody likes annoying dates. Life is too short for negativity, not that guys want bossy women.

Having a Mean or Disagreeable Personality

Lack of Interest

Not all men feel it. They don't always want women. Imagine not eating the whole jar of cookies just because you like them. We shouldn't hook up with everyone because we're guys

Too Much Makeup

Cosmetics boost confidence, but some guys may feel like they're dating Picasso. Not judging women's makeup choices, just personal preference. Some men like partners who are natural. Beauty has many forms.


We all know the eternal compatibility search. Two people don't always fit despite efforts. Mixing a disco ball and a cowboy hat? Each cool, not together. Men may reject women with different goals, interests, or values.

Love and Respect for Their Partner

Many think men think exclusively with their Just the opposite! Many men are loyal and never hurt partners. Some women think all men cheat, which bothers them. I'm furious when other women disrespect my relationship.


Racism is worst. Some men despise racist women. A contributor describes an odd encounter with “white trash.” “I had no idea why she said that about her race. Make amends and admit your mistakes without feeling guilty for existing.


No one wants a selfish partner. Indifference or selfishness can also turn men off. Good relationships require respect, understanding, and care. Who wants to ride a seesaw where ego trumps these qualities?


Entitlement is problematic. He may ignore women who expect special treatment or privileges without effort. “A woman I spoke to was annoying and seemed entitled to my affection. It showed me how most women feel frequently.”

His Inadequacie

Sometimes it's not you. Kind of you, but not in the way you think. Insecure men may reject women's advances. A rejected person isn't always the problem. Incompatible, unsure, or commitment-phobic women and men exist.

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