10 Honest Reasons Men Have Turned Down Women  

Nobody dates a jerk. Life is too short to be surrounded by negativity, not that guys want a bossy woman. Who wants constant fighting?

Guys sometimes don't feel it. Sometimes they don't want to be with women. Consider: you don't have to eat every cookie in the jar just because you like them.

Some guys may feel like they're dating a Picasso painting, but makeup boosts confidence. Just a matter of preference—no shame in women's makeup choices.

We've all experienced the struggle for compatibility. Even with effort, two people don't fit. Has anyone combined a disco ball and a cowboy hat? Cool alone, not together.

A common belief is that men only think with their... Not true! Many men love their partners and would never hurt them.

Racism is worst. Racist women annoy some men. A contributor describes an odd encounter with a "white trash" woman.

No one dates a self-centered person. Being self-centered or uncaring can also turn men off. Good relationships require respect, understanding, and care. 

Titles are a deal-breaker. Women who expect special treatment or privileges without effort may be passed over by men.

It's not always you. Kind of you, but not in the way you think. Men may reject women's advances if they feel insecure.

Know that love and relationships aren't our speciality. Few men want soap opera roles. Men avoid melodramatic mazes involving happily engaged or complicated love triangles. 

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