9 Signs You’re More Attractive Than You Give Yourself Credit For  

Your image can be revealed by strangers' reactions. You may be more attractive if strangers are friendly and talk to you. Attractive things and people make us happy. Though shallow, we're nicer to attractive strangers.

Strangers treat you well. 

Lots of people make eye contact with you

People often look at you, even if they don't know you. It may be another sign of your beauty. According to Medium, longer-held eye contact can indicate aggression or attraction.


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People ask you for styling tips 

Style or beauty advice requests are the highest compliment. People may ask how you do your hair or where you buy your clothes because they like your style and want to emulate it.

People make assumptions about you 

If you're prettier than you think, people may assume. Social stereotypes about attractive people. People may always think you're confident and be surprised when wrong. They may be surprised you don't have a partner.

People often hit on you 

Being attractive leads to being hit on. Some will be too intimidated to approach an attractive person, but others will be unable to resist. If you get hit on at bars, clubs, parties, or elsewhere, you may be more attractive than you think.

You either receive lots of compliments or don’t receive any 

Using compliments to assess your attractiveness can be confusing. Attractive people get more compliments. However, they may not get any compliments. Why? People are often too intimidated or envious to compliment them.

People act nervously around you 

Attractive people can make people nervous or self-conscious. Someone with social anxiety, shyness, or new dating and relationship experience may feel uncomfortable around an attractive person. If people act nervously around you for no reason, you may be more attractive than you think.

People envy you 

Envy indicates you're more attractive than you think. Envy makes people stare, talk over, and downplay your achievements. People may be annoyed by your above-average looks if they think so everywhere!

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