11 Best Christmas Tree Farms In North Carolina 

Boone's Choose and Cut: Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this family-owned farm offers a scenic experience with a variety of trees. 

Millstone Creek Orchards: Not just for apples, this orchard in Ramseur transforms into a festive wonderland during the holidays, featuring choose-and-cut Christmas trees. 

Sugar Plum Farms: Located in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains, Sugar Plum Farms provides a charming setting for families to select and cut their perfect Christmas tree. 

Peak Farms: With a commitment to sustainability, Peak Farms in Jefferson offers a selection of Fraser and Canaan Fir trees for a eco-friendly holiday tradition. 

Cartner Christmas Tree Farm: Situated in the scenic Brushy Mountains, Cartner Christmas Tree Farm boasts a vast selection of high-quality trees and a festive atmosphere. 

Frosty's Choose & Cut: Located in Ashe County, Frosty's offers a winter wonderland experience with a wide range of tree varieties and holiday activities for the whole family. 

Cedar Lake Tree Farm: This family-run farm in Asheboro provides a cozy atmosphere and a diverse selection of Christmas trees, ensuring a memorable holiday outing. 

Boyd Mountain Christmas Tree Farm: Tucked away in the Western North Carolina mountains, Boyd Mountain Farm offers picturesque landscapes and a variety of tree species for a festive experience. 

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