11 Leg Stretches That'll Ease Your Tightest Muscles   

In a high plank, place your hands under your shoulders. Pressing through your fingers and palms, bring your butt to the ceiling to form an inverted V. Breathe and hold this position!

Downward Dog

Put your hands under your shoulders in high plank.Form an inverted V with your butt to the ceiling by pressing through your fingers and palms.Place one foot on its toes and the other heel on the floor. Reverse direction and pedal. Continue pedalling.

Downward Dog With Foot Pedal

Seated Calf Stretch With a Resistance Band

Seated on the floor, extend your legs. Grab both sides of a resistance band or other tool and loop it around one foot. Gently pull your toes towards your shin to stretch your calf. Flip and repeat.

Single-Leg Heel Drop Stretch

Stand with your toes on the step. Drop one heel to floor. Put little weight on your other leg and bend it. Flip and repeat. Slowly pedalling your heels or dropping and raising them makes this stretch dynamic.

Standing Bent-Over Calf Stretch

Stagger your feet. Fold forward and grab your front foot under your toes, bending your back knee and straightening your front knee. Pull up gently on your toes, stretching your calf. Flip and repeat.

Half-Split Stretch

Keep your right knee under your right hip and your left leg fully extended in front of you. Flex left foot.The back of your left thigh stretches when you walk with your hands.Go over your left leg. Feel pull? Bend left knee. Your calf should stretch while kneeling.A set time later, repeat this pose on the right.

Forward Fold

Stand with feet together, shoulders back, chest proud, eyes forward, hands at sides.Gently lower your crown and chin to your chest while exhaling. Consider slowly folding your chest forward towards your thighs, moving each vertebrae separately (flexibility may prevent this).Put your hands on your elbow, big toes, or floor while folded forward.

Calf Raise

Stand with feet hip-width apart and toes pointing straight ahead on a flat surface. Before lowering your heels, raise your toes and contract your calf. One rep. Keep reps going.

Toes on Wall Stretch

Stagger with one foot near the wall and one a foot back. Hold onto wall with palms.Your front foot should touch the wall and your hell on the floor. Stretch your lower front leg by weighting your front foot. Elevate your back foot toes and bring your chest closer to the wall to stretch.After a set time, switch sides and repeat.

Lunging Calf Stretch

Look at a wall two feet away. You can do this without a wall with your hands on your hips.Step one foot back into a mini lunge with your front leg bent and back straight, supporting your hands on the wall.Flatten your back heel against the wall. More space between feet means deeper stretch. Flip, repeat.


Stand tall with arms at sides and feet hip-width apart.Bend at the waist with hands on floor.Walk forward into a high plank with flat hands, wrists under shoulders, core, quads, and butt engaged. High-plank stop.Restart by standing with your hands on your feet. Single rep.

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