11 Leg Stretches That'll Ease Your Tightest Muscles 

Lay facedown with arms at your sides, palms up, above your glutes. Swing arms up and rotate palms to face down. Get back to the start. One rep. Do 4 sets of 12 reps.

Sitting forward.Right leg over knee, left foot down.Lay on right knee.Pinch left ankle, fold knee, and stretch quads with glutes. After 30 seconds, switch sides. 2 sets.

Start with knees bent and heels down. Elbows bent, palms down, fingertips facing glutes behind. Left knees at bottom. Switch sides after 30 seconds. 1 or 2 sets.

Face-forward reclineR. Childhood right hand on left knee. Shines below. Left arm straight out, fingertips on floor, lean left. Spin-pi. Tension! Sets involve 30 seconds of Piriformis rolling and switching sides. 2-sets.

Tabletop, wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. Put left knee on right calf. Knead calf muscle clockwise in small circles. Reverse direction. Repeat three 30-second leg sets.

Toes out, wide. Right weight, hips back, side lunge. Left toes up. Push right heel, shift weight left, repeat opposite side once. Sets are 30-second continuous movement. Triple-set.

Begins facedown. Knees to chest, cross legs, grab ankles with opposite hands. Pull both legs to chest and out until hips and legs stretch. Hold for 30 seconds. Sets 3.

All-fours on mat, rug, or grass, wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. Kneels exceed hips, feetless. Foot-hip hips widen slowly. Exceeding? Relax, gain upper-body mass. One-set, 30-second hold. Triple-set.

Viers, wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. Toe-up left kick. Right heel, hips, weight. Extend left. After 30 seconds, switch sides to finish set 1.

High plank, wrists under shoulders, core tight. Left hand around foot's back, left side. Left hip, right foot. Changing sides after 30 seconds. Second set.

A little wider than hip-width. Right-left cross. Right-toe hip bend. Potential lowest. Straight legs extend more. Finish set by switching sides after 30 seconds. Double-set.

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