7 Birth Month Birds: Here’s What Your Bird Symbolizes

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January – Owl

The birth month bird for January is the owl. These animals are quite formidable and have vision and hearing unmatched within the animal kingdom.

February #1 – Indigo Bunting

For folks born in February, you are most likely spunky, smart, and filled to the max with personality. You have a free spirit and are able to look beyond the everyday to see the magic in the world.

March – Robin

The robin, the bird of March, is a migratory songbird are quite industrious. They roost in trees and eat berries in large flocks during the fall and winter.

April #1 – Canary

The canary, the first bird for April, is a small songbird that lives on the Canary, Azores, and Madeira islands. Humans commonly keep them as pets, though they are a big responsibility.

May – Nightingale

If you’re born in May, you tend to brighten the day of those around you. You have a contagious good mood and try to stay positive in most situations. You always try to be kind to those around you.

June – Dove

The birth month bird of June is the dove, specifically the mourning dove. This bird is graceful in flight and uses calls that sound like lamenting cries.


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