12 Recipes We Only Make At The Holidays Because They Are So Time Consuming 

Meringue kisses, pavlova, or a beautiful Italian meringue for a pie are all laborious. Using a machine to whip egg whites to stiffness takes time. 

Let's face it—last year's Big White Cake was a mess. Depending on how you assemble and decorate them, doberge cakes take time.

We've made many cassoulet shortcuts in our Test Kitchen. The traditional French dish requires hours of slow cooking and simmering (not in a Crockpot). 

Job-like patience and several hours are needed for this holiday favourite. To keep its log shape, a buche de Noel, or yule log cake, must be baked and rolled while hot. 

If you're serving porchetta for the holidays, schedule a day aside. Making this elaborate pork roast is worth the effort and bragging rights.

Babka is unique, so we won't repeat. Diaspora favourite Eastern European Jewish communities invented this sweet braided bread. Of course, it's been baked elsewhere.

Since its invention in England, Beef Wellington has been a popular main course. Beef tenderloin is wrapped in puff pastry and foie gras or mushroom puree.

This is meaningful to me—and painful. My grandmother made caramel cakes for Christmas dinner. She struggled to stir caramel frosting for hours as she aged.

To make a fruitcake, soak pounds of dried fruit in bourbon until plump. 12 hours max. Easy step two: making and baking loaves. Step 3 can increase time by hours or weeks.

This French Christmas pastry is beautifully baked and designed. Baked, filled, glued, and caramel-stacked choux pastry puffs number over a dozen. If you do this annually, invite us. 

It may take longer to find the goose than cook it. Grocery stores stock few, so they're gone when you want one. Ask the store to reserve one by calling.

Baking latkes is easy. Keep making latkes for your family. She calls her mother's kitchen a "potato latke factory," making hundreds of latkes every Hanukkah. 

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