13 Non-Alcoholic Christmas Punch Recipes That'll Make Holiday Hosting Easy

Frosty, festive, and fun—this milk punch has white chocolate and mint flavours. Crushed peppermints on the rim make a party-ready treat.

A classic sherbet punch is made with fruit juices, ginger ale, and citrusy sherbet. People of all ages will enjoy it.

Lemonade that has just been squeezed gets a rich holiday flavour from vanilla bean and rosemary sprigs. This refresher is great for both daytime parties and parties with kids.

As mentioned, Christmas in the South wouldn't be complete without a punch bowl full of sherbet. Any holiday party spread looks festive with this classic recipe.

Bring out the punch bowl for this purple pick. With an ice ring in the centre, the cranberry, pomegranate, ginger ale, and homemade simple syrup blend looks like a Christmas tree.

You love chocolate-raspberry holiday truffles? Punch version. Chocolate syrup, raspberry preserves, and orange rinds make milk punch decadent.

This fizzy cider punch will liven up your Christmas party. Instead of brandy, use sparkling water or club soda for Prosecco.

Every sip of spiced cider punch tastes seasonal. Switch to regular cider and remove the bourbon to soften the "hard" cider.

Add honey to your iced tea instead of sugar. This Southern classic tastes great with grated fresh ginger.

Cherry-cranberry sauce provides a tart, bright base, topped with mint and berries. Replace blueberries with cranberries for a Christmas look.

This mint-berry "mocktail." is perfect for kids and adults to celebrate the holidays. This festive drink contains fresh raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

We're ready for this holiday season's tropical twist with basil and pineapple. It's probably still 80 degrees outside.

This rich Christmas red punch matches the season. It requires cranberry-raspberry juice, sparkling cranberry juice, vanilla extract, raspberry sorbet, and frozen whole cranberries. Sounds fun, no?

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