14 Ways To Decorate With Fresh Christmas Greenery 

Garland Grandeur: Drape fresh Christmas greenery along banisters and mantels, creating a lush garland for a classic holiday look. 

Tabletop Elegance: Adorn your dining table with sprigs of pine or holly, intertwining them with candles or fairy lights for a festive centerpiece. 

Wreath Wonderland: Craft wreaths using fresh greenery like pine, cedar, or eucalyptus, and hang them on doors or walls for a welcoming touch. 

Charming Swags: Create charming swags by combining greenery with ribbons or bows, and hang them on doors or windows for a cozy feel. 

 Mantel Magic: Arrange fresh greenery on the mantel, incorporating ornaments or lights for a visually stunning and aromatic display. 

 Candlelit Ambiance: Surround candles with greenery on tabletops or shelves to add a warm, natural touch to your holiday décor.  

Staircase Delight: Attach greenery to the staircase railing, intertwining it with lights or ribbons for a delightful stairway display. 

Nature-Inspired Place Settings: Place sprigs of fresh greenery on each place setting or use them as napkin accents for a nature-inspired table setting. 

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