49ers QB Brock Purdy grateful for Christian McCaffrey's Christmas gift

Christian McCaffrey, a running back for the San Francisco 49ers, is having a great season. On Friday, he made sure to thank his friends by giving them some Christmas gifts.

The Mercury News says that after practice on Friday, McCaffrey's offensive partners got a custom golf bag, a certificate for fitted golf clubs, and a bottle of tequila.

Brock Purdy, quarterback for that offense, liked the gift from someone who is worth a bit more than him right now.

She laughed with reporters, "Financially, I wouldn't be able to cover that right now." "Congratulations to him. It was great for everyone. Thanks for that, Christian."

Purdy is still on his rookie deal, which pays him $870,000 in 2023 and then $985,000 in 2024. This could mean that McCaffrey can't afford to give McCaffrey to the whole offense as a gift.

Purdy famously revealed earlier this season that he still splits rent with a roommate in the pricey Bay Area.

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