5 Ways To Make Holiday Decorations More Colorful And Personal 

Five years ago, the bespoke-lighting designer made her own gift wrap instead of buying it. She discovered that people loved her work as much as the gifts. “No one was tearing into their packages.  They carefully opened each to take the paper home.

Roll white butcher paper (available at crafts stores) as long as your work surface allows. Neill recommends covering your table and floor with a drop cloth. Set aside the rest and cut the needed section.Allow your brush to explore paint and water on a palette.

Create Your Own 

Neill and her daughter host a holiday party where friends eat and wrap gifts with the special paper. We always have a tasty menu that Isabelle and I create.

Make it a Party 

Gifts with handmade covers are a piece of your heart. who suggests personalising the wrap. For a whimsical look, spray the wet paint with a spray bottle or tilt the paper to spread the colours.

Show Some Character 

An unexpected decorative twist is always welcome, says the designer. Each seat has Rebecca Vizard vintage-fabric stockings as favours. Pink accents and retro Italian alabaster fruits add cheer to the celebratory table.

Focus on the Small Things 

They also enjoy trimming the tree together. «Isabelle and I love reminiscing about our ornaments as we pull them out of their boxes,» says Neill, who inherited a variety from her grandparents. One year, a fallen tree broke a favourite mandolin-shaped ornament. 

Display Family Traditions 

Grandma's Favorite Christmas Desserts