6 must-see optical illusions that will blow your mind

The expanding black hole optical illusion

Optical illusions are usually amazing, but this one can virtually predict the future. Looking into the black hole's center will make it appear to expand, although the image is not moving.

The hypnotic circle optical illusion

Our first optical illusion, by Brusspup, is geometric. White circles form a circle inside the red circle's diameter. Since this is an optical illusion, that couldn't be true. 

The spinning vortex optical illusion

We love optical illusions that look like moving visuals yet are motionless. Physiological optical illusions occur when the eye sees too much color, light, movement, or dimension to process. 

The rotating horse optical illusion

We all wonder which way the revolving horse optical illusion is turning. The geometric horse appears like it snakes around, and many TikTok users have speculated on its route, but we don't know.

How many horses are there?

Another horse-themed illusion has confused viewers since the 1970s. The design asks, how many horses are in the painting? We counted the horses numerous times but never obtained the answer the artist, Bev Doolittle, gave.

The cat on the stairs optical illusion

This feline-themed optical illusion split the internet. This post makes it unclear whether the cat is climbing or descending the steps. Since 2015, the illusion has circulated online, although we don't know the cat's orientation.

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