6 Travel Exercise Tips for Fitness


Plan time to exercise, whether it's a brief trip to the hotel gym before meetings or a run before bed. Planning a workout will help you plan your day and avoid accidental exercise. Rent bikes, hike, or swim while on vacation to exercise.

Workout Schedule 

Walking is one of the greatest and easiest activities for business trips with back-to-back meetings. Are you a mile from the convention center? Why not walk instead of taking a cab? Lunch can be quick and you can walk around the city. Always use the stairs instead of the elevator for a little extra effort. 

Walk, Walk 

No hotel gym? Not an issue. Most hotel rooms are big (or you can make them so by moving a table or chair), and there are several bodyweight-only workouts online. 

Hotel Room Exercise 

Traveling to a city makes it probable you can pedal. Bike-share programs are available in most major cities for short-term use.

See Bike-share Programs

If you fly, you may spice up the wait. A laptop bag and carry-on bag are ideal for the farmer's walk. Simple but effective: walk with heavy objects in your hands. The farmer's walk works your core, forearms, shoulders, and legs. 

Take Advantage of Airports 

Sitting for lengthy durations might impair circulation and stiffen you. Step into the aisle and stretch every two hours on a long flight with squats and forward lunges. 

Take advantage of the plane

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