7 Christmas Decorations We Love To Hate 

We love unexpected holiday touches, but don't let beauty overshadow function.Fake cotton snow on the kitchen island is unsuitable for food prep.

Decorations that Get in the Way

Please note that we love real trees, especially those cut at the local farm or sold by a community organisation as an annual fundraiser, before you cancel your subscription. Sometimes we love to hate our Fraser firs because they're so annoying. 

Real Christmas Tree

In an area with little or no snow, a faux-snow-covered tree is charming, but flocking something yourself can be disastrous. I hate flocked stuff. Snow-haters complain about the mess.

Flocked Anything

Many enjoy the tiny tabletop scenes, but unpacking them can be as gloomy as a visit from Christmas Future. Pulling all the pieces from the perfectly cut Styrofoam packaging takes 90 hours.” We imagine putting them back up is just as fun.

Christmas Village

No matter how often I pass them, they scare me." If your family has easily frightened members, you may want to reconsider animatronics. 

Motion-Activated Holiday Character

Our office has few debates as contentious as white vs. multi-colored lights. We can debate what kind of barbecue you like or which mayonnaise goes on your sandwiches, but you can't be Team Both for holiday lights.

White Lights or Multi-Colored Light

We like LED bulbs (they use less energy than incandescent bulbs), but we don't like projected displays on home exteriors as an alternative to string lights.

LED Light Projector

A Christmastime Visit To The Biltmore Will Transport You To The Gilded Age