7 Dark Hair Colors That’ll Make You Want to Dye Your Hair ASAP

Dark Chocolate Brunette

Dark chocolate brunette is a classic, according to Perkins, who asserts that it looks good on everyone too. “It delivers an instant sophistication and edge, and welcomes in cooler brown tones for an allover rich brunette shade that adds depth and dimension to your look.


Possibly the most well known of all the dark hair colors, “jet-black is a deep, intense black shade that can create a striking and dramatic appearance,” says Hardy. “It can be a bold choice that adds a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

“Expensive” Brunette

While striking, hair color and extension specialist Kevin Kelly rarely dyes clients' hair jet-black and other one-tone colors, noting that they can have “absolutely no dimension.

Smoky Brown

A smoky, natural brunette is a great option for brunettes looking to cool down their tone,” says Perkins, pointing to Jenna Ortega's color as a prime example of the shade. “It’s a brunette that’s warmed up past the stage of a little bit golden and has hints of copper and mahogany.

Deep Brunette

Hardy points to deep brunette as another less severe alternative to jet-black, as it offers a dark brown shade that adds depth and richness to your hair.–

Chocolate Cherry

If your hair is naturally dark but you want to dabble in red hair color, chocolate cherry is the perfect way to combine the two. “It’s an alternative to auburn but still in the warm, reddish family.

Cool Espresso

Cool, smoky shades of espresso browns are having a moment, and with good reason. “This smoky, natural brunette is a great option for brunettes looking to cool down their tone and is reminiscent of the mushroom brunette trend but with a fresh splash of sandy tones..


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