7 Easy Ways To Beat Bloat Without Totally Changing Your Diet

People who don't eat meat can get a lot of iron from spinach. There are 2.7 mg of iron in 100 grams of spinach. It also has 28 mg of vitamin C in it. Vitamin C also helps our bodies take in iron better.

It gives you stomach cramps, makes clothes feel tight, and limits what you can do. Lucky for us, having steady or regular bloating doesn't have to be the norm. You can try

changes to their food and way of life to lessen or get rid of the pain.

Dr. Christopher L. Hess is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Fairfax who often talks to people who want to know how to get a smaller, more toned belly. Some people,

A belly that looks swollen is actually a sign of diastasis recti, an uncomfortable split of the abdominal muscles that can be fixed with a tummy tuck.

For some, the problem is fat. To help you tell the difference between these two conditions, Dr. Hess is going to talk about why bloating can happen and how to get rid of it today.

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