7 Home Things That Could Make You Sick

It often starts when someone retires, says Jeff May. All of a sudden, the retiree is spending a lot more time in his home—the home he has lived in for years—but he finds he can’t breathe. He’s wheezing and sneezing and uncomfortable all the time.

Because the retiree will be spending more time in a house where something is making their asthma or allergies worse. Jeffrey May, author of "My House Is Killing Me," says that your house may be making you sick, which may sound strange.

Where Pollution Is Hiding InsideMay, who knows a lot about the risks of mold and other home pollutants, says, "The whole idea of indoor pollution is pretty new." "For a long time, we were interested in what was going on in the world around our homes."

But in the last decade or so, we’ve realized that the indoor environment can be making you sick.”

What kinds of things are making you feel this way? May says that dust mites, mold, and other types of microbes are generally to blame. Where do they hide? Find out by reading on.

HVAC is probably the biggest culprit, May says. When air-conditioning cools your home, for example, it often leaves traces of water in the ducts that become the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

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