7 Secret Tips for Women To Achieve Lasting Weight Loss After 40  

You may immediately reject carbs, but not all are bad. Yes, some of the best healthy carbs for weight loss will help. Choose gut-healthy foods that stabilise blood sugar and prevent cortisol release to "satisfy the carb itch"

Eat carbs, but choose them wisely

Think smart and "crunchy" when it selecting snacks

Pretzels and chips are a quick snack, but they're high in carbs and fat and cause cortisol release, blood sugar swings, and a bigger waistline.

Indulge every day

You heard right! The Nutrition Twins recommend daily indulgence—but smartly. Indulging is surprisingly important for sustainable weight loss so you can enjoy your favourite foods without depriving yourself.

Get creative with your soda fix

Change your soda habit if you crave it and usually buy it. Regular soda has nearly 45 grammes of sugar, and diet soda contains artificial sweeteners, which can damage your gut microbiome and cause weight gain.

Channel your focus to the Food Satiety Index

Hunger can cause overeating, making weight loss difficult. Smart food choices and high Hunger Satiety Index rankings will likely make you feel fuller and less hungry.

Have healthy, tasty, and seamless meals ready to roll

The Nutrition Twins call this "one of the best-kept weight loss secrets" for good reason. Variety spices life for dieters. Multiple consistent, nutritious, easy-to-prepare meals are just as important, if not more so. This keeps you healthy and nourishes your body on busy days.

Keep things simple

You might think that to lose weight permanently after 40, you need to pick up really weird habits that are impossible to do. That's not true, though!

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