7 Weight Loss and Cleanse Detox Water Recipes  

Coconut Water with Lemon and Mint

This 10-minute, 4-ingredient detox is refreshing and easy. Coconut water is naturally refreshing and contains minerals and vitamins that replenish electrolytes and hydrate the body, keeping us fresh all day. Honey, lime, and fresh mint flavour this detox water.

Cucumber and Kiwi Juice

A perfect mix of fruits, herbs, and cucumber, the summer vegetable. Due to its 90% water content, cucumber is one of the most hydrating vegetables and is ideal for detox drinks and summer drinks!

3 Way Nimbu Paani

Nimbu paani, lemonade, or shikanji is one of the most delicious and easy coolers to make at any time and the summer drink of millions worldwide. Lemon, mint, and spices add flavour and nutrition. Make a 3-way lemon recipe in minutes.

Mint lime fizz

This fizzy lemon drink rejuvenates and eliminates toxins. Its refreshing mint leaves muddled with lemon, sugar, and water make it the perfect soda-mint nimbu pani.

Detox Haldi Tea

This detox recipe, an Ayurvedic mix of antioxidants like turmeric (haldi), ginger, black pepper, and honey, will detoxify your body. Every detox diet should include turmeric, a powerful cleanser.

Pink Salt Ginger Detox Water 

Cleanse your body and mind with this sweet and sour detox water. Ginger, pink salt, and honey are all good for you.

Orange and Carrot Detox Drink

This quick detox drink is great for getting rid of toxins and keeping your energy up for the day because it is full of vitamins and citrus fruits.

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