America's 10 Wonderful Waterfront Cities Worth Visiting  

What's new about Italy's dreamy Venice? Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, is known for its Grand Canal, Basiclica di San Marco, restaurants, wine, and atmosphere, which makes you feel like you're on vacation the moment you arrive!



Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, is a great European vacation spot. A boat ride in the 60-mile canal is a must in this vibrant city with dreamy streets and cafes!


Capital city of Australia needs no introduction. This waterfront city has amazing architecture, like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Sydney is one of the world's best destinations for wildlife and beachgoers alike!


Stockholm, Sweden's capital, is trendy. Stockholm, a Baltic Sea archipelago, has cobblestone streets and mediaeval buildings that take you back in time! Stockholm offers a rejuvenating vacation with beautiful views.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong's markets and skyscrapers draw tourists. Hong Kong, a world-famous city, will amaze you with its natural and architectural beauty. You cannot escape its food scene, which is popular.


Vancover, Canada's most popular city, is ethnically diverse! All types of tourists can enjoy its natural beauty and cultural activities. Art, music, and theatre are worth seeing!


Another beautiful European waterfront city is sporty Lisbon in Portugal. For an exciting vacation, its lively cafes and Fado music make it a great choice. The Christ the King statue overlooking the city is stunning.

Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most vibrant cities on Earth. Its beaches and Christ the Redeemer statue are world-famous. International visitors should experience its carnivals, festivals, and lifestyle.

Cape Town

Cape Town, the South African capital, is known for its scenery and Nelson Mandela's Robben Island prison, now a museum. Cape Town is known for its beaches and mountain views and busy harbour.

San Francisco

San Francisco, USA! The Golden Gate Bridge is the draw to this northern California city on the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. It has skyscrapers and charming Victorian houses and hilly mountain views!

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