An Empath Will Hide These 11 Things From You 

Empaths are deeply loving. They truly care about their loved ones and the community. Empaths form deep emotional bonds. They deeply value their relationships. 

Empaths are strong, not weak. Their greatest strength is their deep understanding and appreciation for everyone. They are remarkable at finding positivity in difficult situations. 

Empaths experience normal emotions more intensely, which can cause stress and overwhelm. They may struggle to multitask, which could harm their health.

Empaths can base important decisions on their intuition due to their keen sense of intuition. They are gifted at tuning in to and understanding the universe's messages. 

Empaths avoid talking about their experiences but are aware of being targets for negative people. Empaths' forgiveness and empathy attract manipulators and other negative people. 

Empaths are naturally healers and helpers. They often neglect their own needs to please others, causing emotional distress. They may become overwhelmed by suppressing their emotions. 

Empaths perceive others differently. They naturally see through facades and reveal true intentions. They are adept at detecting lies; even if they don't confront them, they'll remember them.

Your friend's love of the outdoors may indicate an empath. They often take nature walks to recharge because nature rejuvenates them.

Empaths value solitude. An empath needs solitude to calm down because they are sensitive to others' energies. 

It may not be obvious, but empaths may feel low on days like yours. This is because they can sense and feel others' emotions, including pain. 

Empaths heal naturally and need to show strength. They avoid burdening others and hide their emotions. Above all, they hide their profound hypersensitivity, which defines them.

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