Attractive Zodiac Signs: Your Best Physical Feature Part: 2  

You're getting ready for a big event. Do you ever wonder which part of your body to draw attention to? What does your makeup or outfit make you look better?

When people see you, what do they notice most? So, we looked in our astronomy books and found the answer to EVERYTHING. Using your zodiac sign to help you choose your best physical trait.

The calm and easygoing Taurus person doesn't let life get to them and make them angry. They don't care what other people think, eat what they want, or sleep as much as they can. This makes their face happy.

Most of the time, Geminis look young because they have big foreheads. Big foreheads balance out the heavy jaws that come with getting older by making the face look heart-shaped.

Cancer people have lips that stand out and look sweet. You can make your pretty apples stand out more if you are a Cancer who likes makeup. Use a variety of pretty colors to do this.

The mane of Leo the Lion, the lion, is thick and shiny, just like the hair of a cat. They love showing off this beautiful head of hair, which makes sense since it's their best feature.

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