Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Are Actually Really Thoughtful

No more cold mornings waiting for the car to warm up. Give them this car-charged heated blanket to keep them (or the kids!) warm all winter.

Heated Car Blanket

Candle gifts can be too blatant. Consider a candle warmer lamp, one of this year's most popular gifts. This lamp heats a candle's wick to emit fragrance without burning.

Candle Warmer Lamp

Consider giving them cash? Add some fun with this pinball gift machine. Three balls must fit in the lightning bolt's slot to unlock the drawer and release the cash.

Money Puzzle

In the winter, nothing beats a hot drink. If they like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, this mug warmer set can keep their drink warm all day. It comes in numerous hues.

OHOM Ui Self Heating Mug Set

Reviews speak for themselves—17,000+ One Amazon customer calls them "the comfiest slippers ever," while another says they "look way more expensive than they actually are." And sold.

Cross Band Slipper

If they like iced coffee year-round and want to save money, the Hyper Chiller can freeze any drink, even hot coffee, in under a minute without watering it down.

Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee/Beverage Cooler

Because you don't have to spend a lot of money on a good gift! If they put these aromatherapy tablets in the bottom of their bathroom, it will smell like a spa in the morning.

Shower Steamer

People who read Good Housekeeping are liking this giftable item. It comes in a lot of pretty colors, is small, but can hold up to eight cards, and you can fold it in half like a bill.

Small Wallet for Women

Join Bokksu's monthly snack service, and they'll get real Japanese snacks, candies, and teas sent right to their door every month for up to a year (or just once if you choose). There is also a "culture guide" in every delivery that talks about each product and its history.

Bokksu Subscription Snack Box

This book is another choice of GH readers. It will help them keep their passwords, account information, and logins safe (and off the internet).

Clever Fox Password Book

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