Christmas Party Games Everyone Will Love

Puzzles and memory games are fun Christmas games for youngsters. Some of our game ideas can be played with a few people or the whole family in teams. You can use home goods to set the mood for some games. Use personalized kids toys and Christmas stockings in each Christmas game to make them more festive.

Fun Christmas Games  For Kids

A deck of cards and 3+ persons ringed around a candy cane pile, one less than the players, are needed. Everyone pulls cards to be the first to get four of a kind. Take a candy cane discreetly.


Use a cushion to create a "santa belly" under the shirt. Set a limbo stick height. Line up and try to limbo underneath (with the Santa belly) until everyone has tried. Lower the stick slightly and let those who survived try again. Continuously lower the stick until one winner remains!


Make flash cards of this Christmas carol list. Put players in teams. One participant selects from the cards and illustrates the Christmas carol for one minute. Their team gets one point for right guesses. Make careful to switch team artists. Team members take turns until they reach 20 points.


First, print this Christmas term list to act out. Place everyone in teams and have one person from each team act. Like traditional charades, actors cannot speak or signal letters. Every right estimate within the time limit earns a team one point. The first team to 20 points wins.


Choose eight Christmas images (present, Santa, snow, etc.) and draw/print two of each to make sixteen cards. Now arrange cards 4x4 on the table. Each player picks a card and searches for a match. After finding a match, players keep it, score, and try again. Play until someone obtains the predetermined score to win.


Players form teams. Use holiday-themed survey responses to create questions for everyone. Each team has time to write three guesses on paper. Judge reveals if guesses were on list and answer value. The top poll response gets 50 points, second place 40, and so on. After answering all questions, points are collected to decide the winner.


A host must place random objects in a stocking. After stuffing, wrap a ribbon or string around the stocking's top to prevent peeking. Seat in a circle and pass it around to feel its contents. Let them write their guesses on note cards. The most accurate guesser wins.


Form two teams by player count. Place team Christmas stockings at opposite ends of the room. Players will run to their team's stocking with a scoop of candy, deposit it, and return. This relay continues until one team fills their stocking to win.


Hide plastic or stuffed elves and reindeer throughout the house. Make goods easy to find and offer younger youngsters a head start. Hide Santa's pals in less obvious areas for older youngsters and let them watch the smaller ones. Consider rewarding participants for finding Santa's friends.


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