Christmas Recipes That Have Been Passed Down Through Generations

Our family needs this Red Velvet Cake recipe for Christmas. I baked the first one for Christmas 1963 after finding the recipe in the newspaper. My mother kept it going into the 1980s. 

Grandma’s Red Velvet Cake

My mother made these flaky, slightly sweet dinner rolls. They are easy to make because the dough is easy to handle and no kneading is needed. My grandchildren call them "Grandma's croissants"

Flaky Butterhorn Rolls

Due to their pretty baking, my uncles have always called these "cupcake cookies". Maternal grandmother mixed many batches. 

Baki's Old-World Cookies

I grew up eating rice dishes from my grandmother. Not until I added the same ingredients to leftover rice did I remember this casserole. The memories returned, and I've made this recipe often since.

Grandma’s Rice Dish

Old-World Puff Pancake

My mum said her mother-in-law taught her this Depression-era dish on their 1927 'get acquainted' visit. Cooks measured ingredients with pinches, dashes, and dibs. But accurate amounts were noted over time. My wife and I still have this for brunch. 

Leek Potato Pancakes

My great-grandmother gave me this recipe after she had passed away. This is something that she brought over from England, where they had a great deal of success with leeks during the autumn and winter months.

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