Cleaning Tip to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders in Your Home  

A lot of people freak out right away when they see a spider in their home. This is especially true for bigger spiders like brown recluse spiders, whose legs can be more than an inch long and measure up to ½ of an inch.

If you spot one of these brown arachnids, don't freeze — with a little help from your vacuum, you can eliminate them from your home for good.

It's reasonable that you'd rather these spiders stay outside your home; they're not welcome. However, it's important to know that they can also be harmful to people's health. These spiders will, in fact, bite if they feel really threatened. 

Most of the time, the bites aren't very bad, and the small marks they leave will go away on their own. But sometimes they get worse. Some of them turn into dermonecrotic sores, 

It takes between two and four months for big black wounds to heal. If you don't get medical help right away, their bites can sometimes cause hemolytic anemia and acute kidney injury, which can be deadly (source: Penn State).

Brown recluse spiders, whose formal name is Loxosceles reclusa, mostly live in 16 states in the United States, but they have been seen all over the country.The brown color and violin-shaped markings on them make them easy to spot, which is how the name "violin spider" came about.

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