DIY Christmas Card Ideas for Friends and Family 

At Christmas, we want to go the extra mile for the people we care about the most. Whether it's making a holiday dinner that everyone will remember.

The magic and craft supplies you can print out will help you make this peek-a-boo ornament card that looks like it was made by a pro.

A big part of the holiday season is happiness, and you can show how happy you are with a card that has the word "joy" on it along with lots of sparkle.

It might surprise you to learn that you can watercolour your own holiday cards if you've never thought of yourself as an artist. 

Instead of waiting for your photo cards to come in the mail, use this retro-style template to make your own.

You can do a great craft with your kids by making cards together. They will love turning green triangles into Christmas trees.

What can't washi tape do? We made our point, and this card proves it. It also makes metallic cards look more fancy.

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