Every Man Needs a Blazer: 9 of the Best

You are no longer a child; if you still are, return your dad's iPad. You should have a jacket. In fact, you should have a number of different jackets.

All of them are trustworthy, tried and true, and look good and work well. After all, the jacket is one of the most important things a man can wear.

The exact age and history of the jacket depend on who you ask. Like many other classic pieces of menswear, it has roots that go back a very long time. Does it come from the past of the British Navy? A private boat club from the past? Either one could work.

But it's more likely that the jacket we know today starts in both of those places and a lot more. The blazer's past isn't very clear because it's so old.

Also, there's the matter of what a jacket really is. The strictest meaning is a solid navy blue shirt with buttons that look like gold (usually brass).

very clear: navy blue all the way through, with gold-tone (usually brass) buttons. That one seems to come from how the military sees the clothing.

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