Festive Nails: 10 Festive and Fun Nail Art Ideas  

This festive nail art style is timeless. Try this look by painting your nails red and adding gold glitter or studs.

Classic Red and Gold

Snowflakes and Sparkle

This winter holiday nail art design is fun and festive. Use white nail polish and snowflake stickers or stencils to achieve this look. Extra sparkle can be added with glitter.

Glitter Ombre

Glitter Ombre nail art is perfect for any holiday. Base coat your nails to achieve this look. Apply two glitter polish shades to create an ombre effect.

Festive French Tip

A fun take on the French manicure. Paint your nails white and add red, green, or gold decorative tips to achieve this look.

Holiday Nail Stamp

Holiday nail art is easy to create with nail stamping. Apply a base coat to your nails and press a nail stamp on.

Holographic Magic

Add sparkle to your holiday nail art with holographic nail polish. This polish sparkles because it reflects light.

Glitzy Gems and Jewel

Holiday nail art can be luxurious with gems, rhinestones, and pearls. Use a clear top coat to glue these embellishments to your nails.

Midnight Sky

Winter nights are perfect for this celestial nail art design. Add glitter stars and planets to dark blue nail polish for this look.

Floral Festivity

Add springtime cheer to your festive nail art with floral designs. You can paint flowers on your nails with nail polish or use real flowers.

Geometric Elegance

Modern and festive geometric patterns. Mix geometric shapes and colours with nail tools to create this nail art.

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