How Long Do Christmas Trees Last and How to Care for Them Indoors

"Whether cut or in a festive planter, evergreen trees bring natural beauty into your space and brighten up any room in winter," says VP of merchandising and plant dad Alfred Palomares. Both require different care. Cut trees need trimming and a stand to stay upright, whereas potted trees don't and may flourish near windows.

How long do Christmas  trees last

Palomares says Scotch Pines, Blue Spruces, and White Spruces are popular Christmas trees. Fraser and Balsam Firs are very popular for their shape, size, and durability. Tabletop Christmas trees are wonderful for keeping holiday decor out of reach for younger children and dogs.

Popular Species

A garden store or roadside lot tree is likely from out of state and has been exposed to drying winds in transit, so it will have a shorter shelf life than one you cut down yourself from a tree farm. Either way, choosing the freshest Christmas tree is crucial.

Start with a healthy Christmas tree from a local farm

If you buy a Christmas tree, make sure the seller cuts the trunk base straight across to absorb water. This removes dried resin that could block tree watering. Put your tree in a pail of water when you get home if you're not putting it up right away. Trees should be stored in an unheated garage or protected from wind and cold.

Trim The Trunk

Put your tree in a solid stand with at least one gallon of water inside. Then water your Christmas tree regularly to avoid resin formation, which prevents water absorption and speeds up drying. A dry Christmas tree can damage your property, not just its appearance.

Check Your Christmas Tree Water Everyday

Use a top-rated humidifier to add moisture to a dry home. The Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifier is recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute Tech Lab for large rooms like the living room. Our testing showed it can supply enough moisture to the air to keep your tree fresh.

Take your tree down before it dries out

"Like with all potted plants, every species has its own care requirements, but generally potted Christmas trees like the sun," Palomares adds. "Place your holiday tree in a space that receives good lighting." He also suggests researching your plant's watering needs to ensure its indoor success. He says potted Christmas trees shouldn't be kept indoors for long.

Potted Christmas Tree Care

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree alongside a raging hearth is nice, but fraying Christmas lights, candles, radiators, air ducts, and stoves can speed up tree drying. NFPA states that roughly 1/5 of Christmas tree fires are caused by being too close to a heat source.

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

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