How Martha Stewart Sprinkles Orange Flavor on French Toast  

There's no need to introduce Martha Stewart when it comes to cooking skills. Her great taste and clever recipes make her famous, and she has a way of taking traditional meals to a whole new level.

One of those is her delicious take on French toast. Her recipe includes orange liqueur, orange zest, and orange juice, which give it a burst of bright orange taste that is both refreshing and rich.

One thing that makes Martha's orange French toast so good is that she always uses fresh ingredients. Using freshly chopped orange zest and squeezed orange juice gives the dish a brightness that can't be beat.

Stewart's choice of orange liquor, Grand Marnier in this case, gives the drink a more sophisticated taste.

It adds a sweet, subtle flavor that makes the French toast better without being too much. During the cooking process, the booze is also burned off, leaving only the orange essence.

Orange peel that has been finely chopped gives food a strong citrus smell and taste. Martha says to use a microplane grater to get the zest out of the orange and make sure it's finely grated and spread out evenly in the batter.

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