How to Create the Ultimate Holiday Charcuterie Board

Blue, goat, Manchego, Humboldt fog, and seasoned mozzarella balls are the board's main cheeses, so choose four to five for 2 to 3 ounces per person. Prep the cheese ahead of time so guests can grab a piece or chunk: Cut soft cheeses in half and slice or crumble hard cheese to make them more appealing.

Start With Cheese

Fill cheese gaps with fruit and nuts for texture. Cut grapes into smaller bunches, slice apple wedges, and peel tangerines so guests can grab a bite. Remember dehydrated apples, candied citrus wheels, and apricots.

Add Fruit and Nuts

The best charcuterie has three to five meats. To fit into narrow places, bundle prosciutto slices around the tray and fold rounded pieces into fourths to make a rose-like form.

Arrange the Meat

To add vertical interest, place tall crackers or breadsticks in a jar and fan out others on the board. Holidays favor quick breads like biscotti, pita, and flatbreads in half-slices.

Tuck in Crackers and Bread 

Sprigs of rosemary, thyme, and cinnamon add the ideal finishing touch to a Christmas charcuterie platter. Fill gaps with dried fruit and nuts, not simply edible garnishes. Decorate your board with pine cones, Christmas ornaments, or twinkling lights.

Garnish With Holiday  Cheer

Offer several tongs to let Christmas revelers grab what they want. Provide a little jam knife for each spread and a spoon or fork for visitors to serve pickles, mozzarella balls, almonds, etc.

Provide Serving  Utensils 

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