How To Grow Your Hair Out (Men’s Tutorial)

Keep Visiting Your Barber

To maintain a stylish appearance while growing out your hair, consider switching to a stylist experienced in longer styles if your current barber mostly does short cuts. Communicate your hair goals, type, and face shape to ensure a flattering transition.

Starting to Grow Hair Long

This gentleman decided to grow hair out starting with about 5″ of length on top. The original hair is undercut around the sides and back by Andrew Does Hair.

Start Long on Top

If you are growing hair out from short hair, start by keeping the sides and back short. It takes longer for hair growth at the top to be noticeable while the sides and back can start to mullet quickly. If that’s what you are going for, cool.

Skip the Shampoo

Hair typically grows about half an inch each month, totaling roughly 6 inches a year. Growing from a buzz cut to ear length can take a year, and reaching shoulder length might take years. To maintain healthy growth, care is crucial

Add Conditioner

The general rule for washing hair is keep shampoo at the scalp and conditioner at the tips. This is a challenge at the first phases of hair growth so start conditioning when hair is long enough. You want shampoo to remove scalp oils but not dry out the rest of hair while conditioner can weigh hair down at the roots.

9 Months of Growing Hair Out

After another 3 months, the sides and back have grown in to create this cool side part hairstyle with lots of length at the top. Longer hairstyles can be as messy as groomed as you like.

Switch Up Your Products

Medium length and longer hair require lighter products that hold and shape hair without weighting it down. Once you’re past the high volume styles, look for grooming creams, a serums, or leave-in conditioner to manage longer hair.


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