How To Make A Christmas Tree Last Longer 

Choose a fresh tree: Select a healthy tree with vibrant green needles and a strong fragrance. 

Cut the base: Trim 1-2 inches off the tree's trunk to expose fresh wood, improving water absorption. 

Water regularly: Keep the tree stand filled with water, ensuring it never goes below the base of the trunk. 

Avoid heat sources: Place the tree away from heat vents, radiators, and direct sunlight to prevent drying. 

Use a tree preservative: Add a commercial tree preservative to the water to extend the tree's freshness. 

Mist the branches: Spritz the tree with water regularly to maintain humidity and reduce needle loss. 

Monitor room temperature: Keep the room cool to slow down the drying process and prolong the tree's life. 

Remove damaged branches: Trim any dry or damaged branches to maintain the tree's overall health and appearance. 

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