Is It Safe To Use A Christmas Tree As Firewood? 

Holiday season brings overloaded outlets, burning fireplaces, and outdoor decorations blown away by gusty (and not-so-quiet) nights. 

It can be magical, but if not handled properly, it can be disastrous. A house full of family looking for Christmas cheer is no time to be reckless. 

This is better-safe-than-sorry. The unpredictable flame of a Christmas tree can cause house fires and poor air quality. 

Sparks from sap, pine needles, or even your tree's freshness can ignite nearby materials and intensify flames, damaging your firebox, flue, or chimney. 

Live trees are safer if you buy the freshest one and cut it down yourself. If buying from a lot, lift the tree and bounce the cut end to count needles. 

If you use your fireplace, you should never hang the stockings while it's on. In fact, any kind of decoration will do, like a garland or ribbon.

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