Mail-Order Cookies That Deliver Straight to Your Door

Professional chefs are joining the mail-order cookie sector, while home bakers are expanding. Although not exhaustive, the following list highlights some fantastic possibilities in each U.S. region. See more of our coast-to-coast favorites.

You've probably seen Mrs. Fields Cookies in the mall and Insomnia Cookies on campus or in the city. Mrs. Fields offers hundreds of cookie package options and the classic cookie cakes we prefer over birthday cake. Just me?). You may get fresh-baked cookies online or in person at Insomnia Cookies until 3 a.m.

Big Cookie Brand

People worldwide know Jacques Torres' chocolate chip cookies and Levain's huge, gooey cookies from New York City. Carmen's Cookies, situated in Brooklyn, makes small-batch orange clove and brown sugar date shortbread and City Cakes' half-pound pink velvet and almond matcha cookies. Snickerchurro and S'mores Cookie Cake are huge cookies at Bang Cookies in Jersey City, N.J.

The Northeast

Each cookie at Ali's Cookies in Atlanta is kosher and gluten- and dairy-free. Seven Sisters Scones remakes scones into gigantic cookies in dozens of flavors northeast of Atlanta. North Carolina loves Sweet Girl Cookies, and Miami has Night Owl Cookies. The tastiest mail-order cookies come from Bake My Day in Mobile, Alabama.

The Southeast

You can trust Monica's Bakery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for icing-drizzled delicacies. Baklava and arameesh are delicious at Dearborn's Shatila Bakery. Big Fat Cookie in Chicago provides classic doughs and mashup flavors for sweet tooths. The Cookie Joint's "cookie fries" are creative cookie shapes suitable for milk.

The Midwest

Kessler Baking Studio in Dallas was a 2020 James Beard Award semifinalist, Cookie Society in Frisco makes a nice holiday gift crate, and Tiff's Treats in Austin bakes fresh cookies daily. Ruby Snap Cookies in Salt Lake City offers unique flavors including vanilla bean cookie with buttercream beet icing. 

Texas and the Southwest

Midnight Cookie Co. in Seattle serves cookies, s'mores, Fruity Pebbles, and vegan cookies. L.A.'s MILK serves macaron ice cream sandwiches with a dozen of their delicious cookies. Salty Sweet in San Francisco and Milk Jar Cookies mail giftable boxes nationwide for holidays and birthdays.

The West

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